L.joe saying that he wants to have two sons and a daughter with Chunji

*while looking at Chunji*
LJ: I want a son, a daughter and a son.
LJ: Chunji-goon? I want a son, a daughter and a son. Chunji-goon…
Shindong: Yes, yes, yes. A son, a daughter and a son
LJ: Yes, yes, yes.
Shindong: Perhaps, have you thought of a name?
LJ: Since Chunji’s real name is Chanhee, and add Byung, so Byungchannie?
Everyone: *laughs*
Niel: Lee Byungchan!

the gayness that is Teen Top ಥ__ಥ

(Fuente: jeonggukks)


hairporn. bae suji ver.

when someone’s hair is so sexy, that just looking at it, makes you feel like you’re watching some hot, steamy film. (or makes you wish you were in a hot, steamy film with that person…and their hair)